Contract Interference and Business Litigation in Pennsylvania

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Unless you have been in a contract dispute, the term “contract interference” is foreign. Those that have been involved in this type of dispute understand the seriousness of it. Those that have been involved in this type of legal suit know the importance of choosing a local lawyer that knows the finite details of the law in the jurisdiction where the infringement took place.

First of all, how do you know if you have a legal suit for contract interference. We are going to explore what it entails, and how to choose the right legal team to fight for your rights.

What is Contract Interference?

Contract interference is also referred to as tortious contract interference. Tortious interference with a contract is when someone leads to a breach of contract between you/your business and a party or entity with whom you’re contracted. It occurs when someone purposely undermines another’s business transactions or injures a business relationship.

Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute defines tortious interference as “a common-law tort allowing a claim for damages against a defendant who wrongfully interferes with the plaintiff’s business contract or business relationship”.

Here’s an example:

You are selling 500 items to Company A, which has many business contracts with Company B. Company B realizes they could get the business if they started making those same items and eliminate the competition. Company B insists that Company A ends its business relationship with you and breaches the contract. In this scenario, Company B forces Company A to stop conducting business with you. You may have a claim against company B for tortious interference with a contract.

The Elements of Tortious Interference with Contract?

To proceed with a contract interference case, the plaintiff must establish some of the following elements:

  • The plaintiff had a business contract with another party
  • The defendant knew about the contract at the time of the offense
  • The defendant intentionally interfered with the business contract
  • The interference was improper
  • The defendant’s business behavior led to a breach of the contract while the plaintiff suffered damages

If the plaintiff can establish these elements occurred, damages for losses sustained because of the broken contract may be awarded.


How an Attorney Can Help in Pennsylvania:

Finding an expert Pennsylvania business attorney can seem like a daunting task. Because tortious contract interference is specific litigation, your Pennsylvania business attorneys must know the specifics of contract and business law.

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  • Counseling clients on all aspects of their business employment, management problems, and business partner breakups

Why Choosing Local is Important:

Those with business issues in the Pennsylvania area need to choose PA business lawyers. This is important as each state may have different laws governing business contracts and other important guidelines. Choosing a business and contract attorneys in Pennsylvania is important, as they will be aware of the individual nuances and rules of the local government. The attorney you choose must be well-equipped to manage the complexities in these types of cases.

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