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Common Issues When Starting a Small Business

One thought comes to your mind. What if you start your own small business? Starting a business can seem like a lot of fun, but starting a business comes with many issues and responsibilities. Many small businesses make mistakes that can cost them money and possibly their business and reputation. Here are some of the most… Read more »

June 2023

Business Planning: What Are the Common Misconceptions?

Many businesses operate with a type of mechanical approach. It is learned and refined through a lot of trial and error, in-the-moment decision-making, and a bit of good luck.  This strategy is based on practices that work in operations for the time being. However, without long-range planning, these ad hoc arrangements tend to be limited… Read more »

June 2023

When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney in PA

There are no legal requirements in Pennsylvania that you must have legal representation when buying or selling real estate and other real estate transactions. However, it is highly recommended to have an attorney review the documents associated with the sale to ensure everything is included. But when exactly should you hire a real estate attorney… Read more »

November 2022

Professional Malpractice: What Can Be Considered?

Being a professional who provides answers, advice, or counsel comes with the risk of being sued for one of many reasons. Professional malpractice occurs when someone believes a professional, such as a lawyer, or accountant, has not held to their responsibilities and inflicts loss upon their clients. However, presenting cases for professional negligence claims has… Read more »

November 2022

Common Types of Real Estate Disputes

At Braverman Kaskey Garber, many different types of business disputes come through the door. At the top of that list are real estate disputes. The plain truth is that, sometimes, the best laid plans about property go wrong. Many Pennsylvania business attorneys can vouch for that and if you’ve ever wondered if you’re alone when it comes to… Read more »

June 2022

Lender Liability: How it Affects Lawsuits

Lender liability is a body of law that has been developed over the decades to hold lenders liable when they fail to uphold their fiduciary duties to their borrowers. In fact, Braverman Kaskey Garber was the first Pennsylvania firm to win such a case for a borrower intended to hold lenders legally responsible for the… Read more »

May 2022

Contract Interference and Business Litigation in Pennsylvania

Unless you have been in a contract dispute, the term “contract interference” is foreign. Those that have been involved in this type of dispute understand the seriousness of it. Those that have been involved in this type of legal suit know the importance of choosing a local lawyer that knows the finite details of the… Read more »

May 2022

How Business Contracts Can Help Business Growth

Business contracts, commonly called legal contracts, are lawfully binding written agreements between two business parties or more.  A civil court can enforce these contracts if they comply with specific contract laws. There are numerous categories of business contracts that businesses require and might frequently use during regular projects. Learning about them assists you in understanding… Read more »

December 2021

Looking at a Business Divorce? What You Need to Consider Before You End Your Relationship.

Marriage and business partnerships have numerous similarities. They begin with zeal and the highest hopes for the future. They necessitate a great deal of communication and have to deal with peaks and valleys.  Business partnerships, like marriages, can come to an end at any time. Business divorce is the term used to describe the breakup… Read more »

December 2021

Rules to Handling Business Partner Disputes

At some point in our careers, most of us work closely with a business partner. This can be quite rewarding, yet there may be disagreements and conflicts that you’ll have with this individual. It’s not easy or simple to resolve the conflict, but it’s an important thing to do if you intend to continue working… Read more »

November 2021