Rules to Handling Business Partner Disputes

business partner arguingAt some point in our careers, most of us work closely with a business partner. This can be quite rewarding, yet there may be disagreements and conflicts that you’ll have with this individual. It’s not easy or simple to resolve the conflict, but it’s an important thing to do if you intend to continue working with this person. By using the following 4 rules for handling conflicts with a business partner, you’ll be on your way to resolving the issues and forging ahead with a more peaceful relationship. A dedicated business attorney Pennsylvania also can help in this manner. 

Plan Ahead to Stop Arguments in Their Tracks

It’s always a given that conflicts will arise at some time or another. This is why it’s important that you are prepared and proactive with how you interact. One of these ways is to avoid talking about or responding when certain topics are brought up. For example, if one partner feels like they’re doing a large amount of work compared to the other, they may feel slighted and recently. When you know there’s a busy season or phase to a project coming up, the best method is to agree upon tasks and responsibilities so that you know your division of the work and there won’t be any misunderstandings. 

Avoid Rushing Any Judgement

Owners and operators of small businesses view each decision they have to make as large and personal. If your partner disagrees when it comes to your decision, you might end up shutting down and responding to them from a place of defense, virtually going into “battle mode”. 

In this instance, it’s good to stop and take a breath. Think about your partner’s position on this subject. If you can remember why you entered into this partnership with them and that you have a shared vision for your business, you should have great success at “agreeing to disagree” instead of just responding when the situation still is heated. After all, you both have strengths and if you can keep to the big picture view, you don’t have to agree on all aspects of what you’re doing with the business. PA business lawyers have been able to help many business owner partners with their conflict. 

Try an Active Listening Session 

Active listening is a clearly defined way to approach dispute resolution. It involves both people sitting and listening to one another’s views and opinions. It’s necessary that there is no interrupting to speak your mind out of an urge to react quickly. In order for this to work, you need to commit to allowing each of you to talk about what’s on your mind for up to a few minutes. This is because it seems to matter more that we are heard, and our thoughts and opinions are not being minimized. It truly is a great tool when it comes to cooling off tempers. You’ll also gain valuable insight that you might have had no idea about. You might set aside time to do this regularly in your work week, even if you don’t feel there’s conflict at the time. 

Seek Outside Help if Needed Like Pennsylvania Business Attorneys

If you’re at odds with your business partner and not able to make any progress with your efforts at listening, identifying key problem points, and resolving the issues, it might benefit you to bring in a neutral third party. This is where a mediator would step in to assist you. A mediator is a unique professional such as Pennsylvania business attorney who is trained to handle all types of disputes and help find a smoother resolution in a shorter period of time. They’ll discuss with both parties and determine an outcome that is favorable to all involved. The important thing here is that this individual is professional, neutral, and compassionate for optimal results. 

Conflict may be a part of any partnership since we’re humans with our own viewpoints, backgrounds, and flaws, but it doesn’t have to lead to a real catastrophe. You can take certain steps to see where the disagreements are coming from, make everyone feel as though they’re heard, come up with a fair resolution, and be on their way to a happier, more productive working relationship. Seek assistance from a professional such as a business attorney PA at Braverman Kaskey Garber and you won’t regret making this choice. PA business attorneys are well-versed and equipped to provide mediation services.