When to Hire a Real Estate Attorney in PA

the lawyer is consulting clients about the house purchase contractThere are no legal requirements in Pennsylvania that you must have legal representation when buying or selling real estate and other real estate transactions. However, it is highly recommended to have an attorney review the documents associated with the sale to ensure everything is included. But when exactly should you hire a real estate attorney in Pennsylvania?

Hiring a real estate attorney in Pennsylvania can help you work through what is needed for the sale or purchase of the property and can quickly assist if any legal complications arise. The attorneys at Braverman Kaskey Garber are experienced in this field and dedicated to helping all of our clients with their real estate transaction needs.

Reasons to Hire a PA Real Estate Lawyer

There are several reasons to hire an attorney to help with your upcoming real estate transaction, including having someone on your side knowledgeable in property law. Plus, anything that may require an attorney can come up, and hiring one, in the beginning, may help identify legal issues before they become problems.

When in a real estate transaction, it is best to learn answers to the question: “What does a real estate attorney do?” So you understand why you need to have an attorney by your side during the transaction.

Plan to Use the Property for Business

Many buyers intend to use the land or buildings for business purposes. They either plan to use it for their business or lease it out to other companies. If the property is not zoned for business, hiring a real estate attorney can help get it properly zoned and make it possible to conduct business.

The Buyer is Seeking Alternative Financing

Hiring a real estate attorney can help make the process less challenging due to alternative financing options when a buyer is not using conventional financing methods. In addition, the attorney can help identify potential complications associated with alternative financing and help move the purchase along swiftly.

The Seller Wants to Reserve Their Rights

Sellers may want to reserve specific rights to protect them when selling real estate. In Pennsylvania, some of the most common rights sellers wish to retain are mineral, gas, or oil rights, which can significantly impact the property’s value to the buyer. Other rights may consist of life rights, which allow the seller to remain on the property or to have access to the property for the remainder of their life.

If a seller wants to reserve certain rights, an attorney can help determine if the request for rights is legitimate and will not interfere with the purpose of the property as intended by the buyer.

Potential Issues May Arise

Several issues may arise during real estate transactions, and having an attorney ready to help is vital to solving these issues swiftly. Possible issues that may require the assistance of a real estate lawyer include problems with tenants, easements, stormwater facilities, or septic systems. Your attorney can help determine the best course of action and help find a legal resolution to any issue that may arise before, during, or after the transaction is completed.

Cost of a Real Estate Attorney in PA

Though the fees may seem high, long-term, the money paid for the real estate attorney cost could be significantly less than what you may have to pay if there are complications or unforeseen challenges.

Before signing the contract or agreement of sale for a property, it is best to consult with a real estate attorney at Braverman Kaskey Garber first. Our experienced attorneys can help you with your real estate transactions.